We designed two typefaces (Sans and Serif) for Sary App. it customized for Sary App.The Sary Sans for text and The Sary Serif for headlines. Sary typefaces are designed to translated the brand identity.Sary typefaces supports Arabic and Latin, and Siwa font supports more than 90 languages as well as Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Farsi numbers.

Sary App

A custom typeface for sary app, inspired by the brand identity, the font improved the app user experience

Even though the project ended in January 2020, we supported the app for a year afterwards to make sure their sailing was smooth and eventually the team was more than satisfied and shared a personal thank you and generous feedback on their platforms which we wholeheartedly appreciate.

The Sary typefaces are Designed by IBRAHIM HAMDI, ABDO MOHAMED in 2019.

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1 Style

9 Weights


7 Weights


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Siwa 9 Weights

Eskander 7 Weights

Zael 1 Style