WW3 typefaces are designed exclusive for the video game World War 3 "WW3", In collaboration with The 4 Winds entertainment. We have designed the Arabic typefaces are matched with the original languages of the WW3 typeface. the original typefaces are designed in-house at MY.GAMES Games Operations and Development Department’ by Tanya Cherkiz in 2021.

World War 3 Game

The First Custom Arabic Inktrap Typeface for a Video Game, The WW3.

WW3 typefaces are modern military geometry typefaces supported Arabic and Extended Latin character and Cyrillics. with 2 styles Inktrap and Sans-Serif, each style have 2 weights "Regular and Bold" WW3 Inktrap typeface for a headlines and short text usage, and WW3 Sans typeface for text.

The Arabic typefaces are Designed by IBRAHIM HAMDI in 2022. Check the article.

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9 Weights

7 Weights

Lavah Pro

2 Styles


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Eskander 7 Weights

Lavah Pro 2 Styles

Siwa 9 Weights